BioMat 4 Autism and other Disorders

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Quotes After 35 years of continuous smoking (two packs a day), I suffered from asthma and early signs of Emphysema. These ailments resulted to using Albuterol, Serovent, and other medicines to relieve me from sickness. After using the BioMat for only three weeks, I can breathe easier without using my inhalers and noticed that my asthma was gone. Now, I can enjoy my ballroom dancing for hours, and feel energetic all the time. Thanks for the discovery of this miraculous and wonderful BioMat. It helped me quit smoking too. Quotes
Romeo V.

Quotes "My son was diagnosed with an Autism spectrum disorder when he started to have night terrors. After a year of the night terrors he started to use the BioMat to sleep on all night. Within two months the night terrors completely stopped. The BioMat is the one consistent treatment we have used since he was diagnosed with Autism about 5 years ago. He tells us it helps to keep him calm. Quotes
Justin's Mom, WI
Autism and the BioMat