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BioMat 4 Autism and other Disorders

Together We Can Change Lives!

Training Classes & Workshops

Camp Createability

Camp Createability is a Video and Entertainment program for individuals with Autism or other disabilities. It is our mission to provide career oriented support in the Film, Digital Media, and Entertainment Industry. We are committed to creating a world in which individuals with disabilities are recognized for their talents and abilities and are allowed to achieve to their fullest potential.  

During production everyone is responsible for knowing what his or her production roles are.  Our vocational programs prepare young adults on the Spectrum and other neurological disabilities for careers in digital media, animation, visual effects, filmmaking and editing.  Camp Createability is a dynamic solution to the high unemployment and social isolation rates, which are characteristic of young adults with disabilities as they age out of the public school system.  We work with an individual and their support systems including, family, guardians, schools, and/or financial and funding agencies to assist in evaluating and planning for the person’s vocational needs.  we also are able to support those who seek self-employments as an option.

Every individual who comes into our program is given the training, tools, and support necessary to begin a lifelong journey of self-discovery, confidence and triumph.  Let Camp Createability help create your journey to success!

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Full & Part-time

 Digital Media Training Program

The magic of film is in the air as instructors work with young adults with autism or other disorders to develop employment and life skills through digital media and filmmaking.

Our Full and Part-time Digital Media Training program provides instruction in visual effects, digital animation, filmmaking, editing, work place social skills, conflict management and more to prepare this underserved group of individuals for lifelong careers.  Our training program offers a critical connection between high school and meaningful employment by building on the abilities and strengths of these individuals.  Upon completion of program individuals have the opportunity to become certified in Adobe Software programs.  Besides the structured training program we also offer private tutoring. 


Classes are Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Cost:  Approx. $7500/year (includes all training, support, class materials and books.)

Part-Time Cost: $375/class plus books and class materials

Register Online or call: 608-577-5733.

Class sizes are limited so register early.  Registration will close 10 days prior to the session or when filled.  If you are not finding something that meets your needs we can individualize a program just for you.

Supported Employment and Supported Self-Employment

We provide supported employment services to adults with developmental and physical disabilities in the digital media, and film industry.  Services include assessment, job development & placement, job coaching and job retention.  Our mission is to place individuals in community-based jobs or within our working studio that take into account personal strengths and preferences.  Our role is to provide the level of training and support each individual requires to attain success in the community.

We also provide career-oriented support for media artists with Autism or other disabilities seeking to be self-employed. BioMat 4 Autism serves media artists in a professional studio workspace as well as in the community and private settings such as an individual's personal studio space or at public events, workshops, sales opportunities etc. The Supported Employment program provides support in collectively with our Supported Self Employment program in order to provide an unbroken transition from fostering creative growth to developing a small business.